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Spiderman in Mumbai

Mumbai, June 1 (ANI): One doesn’t get to see superhero stunts except in movies or comic books. However, Gaurav Sharma, a martial arts trainer of Mumbai Police, did a Spiderman act, climbing a 240 feet tall building much to the astonishment of the onlookers in Mumbai.Sharma now known as the ‘Human Spiderman’ climbed up, Darshan Heights, a 240 feet building in the heart of Mumbai, with just a rope to support him.

As for the scaling of Darshan Heights, Sharma took 10 minutes and 11 seconds to complete the climb.

“It is a very big achievement for me. I climbed the building in 10 minutes 11 seconds. I thought I would take 20 minutes but I finished faster. The technique I used to climb is called ‘Chimney Climbing’. And I also wanted people to be aware of adventure pursuits and sports,” said Sharm.

Sharma said that he has been inspired by Alan Robert, the real life Spiderman. Robert is known to have climbed several high-rise buildings with his bare hands.

He also expressed his desire to pursue this sport at an international level and climb the new World Trade Centre building in New York City.

Being an adventure sports lover, he has taken part in numerous rock climbing events.

Earlier, he had climbed a 45-storey and 153 meters tall building of Shreepati Arcade as a mark of tribute to the victims of Mumbai terror attacks.

This feat had earned him an entry in the Limca Book of World Records. (ANI)

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