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Somewhere We Are Responsible For Security Problems



The feeling of complete security arises out of the various factors like political stability in a region, government, army, police, and location of the region and in fact many more. For us the word “security” may not be of much concern but for our counterparts in Kashmir or Assam I think this word is the most frequently used word of dictionary. In our country diversity plays important role for causing the imbalance in social stability or situations. Nowadays in India religion or castes have become weapon for political parties to use in the battle of elections and create differences among different communities or groups.

A particular group takes the responsibility of security for a community favoring the group and this group biases other community and even violates laws to provide security to the particular group and here the game of biasing against other starts creating security problems. The situation has arrived to such stage that now every community has some problems with other.

When I think of security the first thing which come to mind is that at least we are secure because our country is capable enough to protect itself from outsiders but still we don’t dare to step out in late night because we fear our own country insiders. What kind of security is this? Are we really safe? We are enemies for our own people then how can we have security confidence?

The security of a country more or less depends on confidence of its people. But the worst kind of politics in our country has caused this confidence level to come at the bottom line. We have lost trust on security agencies, political parties or even our neighbours. The situation is critical. The incidences like riots in Gujarat or Mumbai bomb blasts make us feel unsure of security. I think we are spending more to fight with internal violence and criminal activities than to protect ourselves from outsiders.

India used to be one of the strongest countries to fight against its internal security problem but now the situation is completely different and some where we are feeling helpless to overcome the internal violence. One party blames Muslims for every incidence of terrorism on the other hand other party exposes Hindus for every incidence of internal criminal activities. We are busy in blaming one another rather than trying to solve the issue.

We need to unite to work for ensuring security.  Let’s stop blaming each other and co-operate the security agency to fight against home based violence. We need to work together to work for our country.

About Yashpal Bhardwaj

I am currently in 3rd year B.TECH at KALINGA INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (KIIT UNIVERSITY), BHUBANESWAR. My ultimate aim in life is to be a good entrepreneur. Writing articles is my passion. I generally love to write on topics which come under consideration of youths of the country and I write what I really feel about. Actually what I believe is its youth who can bring ultimate changes in society. I like to make new friends. I love pop music. At university level I am doing a lot of extracurricular activities and organise various events. In leisure period I really love sleeping. I always feel my parents as my strength.

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