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Sitaram Yechury hits back at Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Apr 25 (ANI): Senior Communist Party of India- Marxist (CPM) leader Sitaram Yechury on Saturday slammed Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi for his criticism of the performance of the Left Front government in West Bengal, saying the performance of the government would be decided by the people.

“Everybody in the country has the right to have his or her opinion and so does Rahul Gandhi. Let him have his opinion. But the ultimate yardstick in any democracy whether the government has been working in favour of people or not, will be decided by the people in the elections,” Yechury told mediapersons here.

When asked about the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s 100-day action plan to revive the economy, Yechury said that such plans are not reasonable enough to succeed.

“He is talking of only 100 days. I wish these 100 days are a part of the five years he had. We think this sort of claims are really not tenable with the experience that we had in the last five years,” Yechury said. (ANI)

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