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Sikkim carpet artisans blend of traditional and modern designs

Gangtok, June 8 (ANI): Artisans in Sikkim are making a blend of age-old designs and incorporating new designs to popularise their carpets in the international market.

Mostly woven by women, the rich culture and tradition of Buddhism are clearly visible in the woollen carpets, thus making them different from rest of the Indian handicrafts.

The carpets have fine textures and amazing designs ranging from the traditional ones to the stylish contemporary patterns.

“We mix cotton and pure wool and then create the designs. We do not use any machine. It’s completely hand woven and that’s why it’s more difficult to make,” said Meena, a carpet instructor.

Karma Samten, deputy director, Directorate of Handloom and Handicraft Industry, Sikkim, said that the quality of these carpets are class apart and is very much in demand both domestically and internationally.

“Right now, we are working on orchid designs. Besides, we are also trying to incorporate other designs like the Red Panda, other animals and flowers because it’s a new concept. We have also received very good feedback from tourists who come to visit here. Moreover, we are also trying to incorporate other modern designs so as to popularise it in the international market,” said Samten.

Handicraft products from Sikkim are gaining recognition and accolades from all parts of the world.

And this fame and popularity seems to have encouraged the craftsmen of Sikkim even more. (ANI)

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