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Shutdown over killing of a professor cripples life in Manipur

Imphal, May 27 (ANI): Normal life came to a standstill in Imphal on Tuesday after the students’ union gave a call for a 24-hour shutdown to protest against the killing of a professor of Manipur University.

56 year-old Mohammad Islamudin, a professor of economics and former Dean of Students’ Welfare, was gunned down by unidentified persons on Monday in the university campus at Canchipur.

Earlier, the Pangal Students’ Organisation (PSO) had called for a 24-hour shutdown all over Manipur to protest against the brutal murder of their professor whom they held in high esteem.

Markets, businesses establishments, educational institutions, banks and offices of private enterprises remained closed, while public transport between Manipur and neighbouring states were suspended.

Local supporters came out in large numbers in Imphal and blocked roads restricting the movement of vehicles by setting on fire tyres and wooden logs.

“A professor was killed by unidentified gunmen, so we are protesting on behalf of the students to express our anger and also our grief against the killing,” said Sakhitombi Devi, a protestor. (ANI)

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