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Self-help group prepares incense stick in Tamil Nadu

Hosur (Tamil Nadu), June 1 (ANI): A group of women in Hosur of Tamil Nadu have formed a Self-Help Group (SGH) and are preparing incense sticks to earn their livelihood.

The women’s SHG started preparing these sticks after obtaining a bank loan of rupees hundred and fifty thousand under the Central Government’s rural employment scheme initiated for development of rural areas.

“With the help of loans to women’s SHG, they are procuring the raw material and also marketing the product which is fetching them a good amount of money which amounts to near about rupees 2000 per month. This is encouraging other people also to go for this type of business,” said Valli, director, Hosur Development Foundation.

The SHG has been a great success in the region as the women involved in preparing the incense sticks are now self dependent, earning about rupees two thousand a month.
“We have been given a Central Government loan of rupees hundred and fifty thousand which we have used to prepare incense sticks. We earn about rupees 2000,” said Aysha, member of SHG.

The women associated with this initiative are making incense sticks in various colours like black, brown and ash. These sticks are being sold in the local market and are gaining immense popularity amongst the consumers.

The number of SHG in the area is about 130 out of which 12 groups are constituted by the Muslims. (ANI)

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