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Scorching heat in Agra

Agra, May 6 (ANI): Temperature touching close to 47 degrees has reduced the number of foreigners visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Taj Mahal is on the top of their itinerary for international visitors.

They are seen wearing big hats shielding their faces with cloth.

“First of all it is very hot. Because in Switzerland, right now it is 15 degrees, and I think here it is about 47. We have to drink a lot, because we are sweating. What we usually do is we go sight seeing in the morning or evening but rest of the day is too hot,” said Philip, a tourist from Switzerland.

Cold drinks and ice candies have registered record sales as people throng the outlets to beat the heat.

The residents who rely on tourism for their sustenance are facing problems as less number of tourists is taking a toll on their profession.
“The heat is keeping the tourists away. The work is very less. Earlier also, tourists were keeping away because of the Mumbai terror attacks and also because of recession,” said Kadir Khan, a photographer. (ANI)

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