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Saudi court refuses to block marriage of eight-year-old girl to an older man

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Apr.15 (ANI): A court in the Saudi Arabian town of Unaiza has upheld the marriage of an eight-year-old girl to the much older man, on the condition that he does not have sex with her until she reaches puberty. Outraged human rights groups have termed the decision by the court a clear case of human trafficking. Organizations like the UNICEF have expressed concern over the ruling, calling it an abuse of the child’s rights. “UNICEF is deeply concerned by reports that Saudi Arabian tribunals have decided not to annul the marriage of an 8-year-old girl,” Fox News quoted the agency as saying in a statement on its web site. “Irrespective of circumstances or the legal framework, the marriage of a child is a violation of that child’s rights,” the statement added. (ANI)

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