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Samajwadi Party candidate in Uttar Pradesh campaigns on bullock cart

Kanpur, Apr 21 (ANI): A Samajwadi Party candidate is wooing the voters by campaigning on a bullock cart in Kanpur.
Ratnesh Pathak, son of Kamlesh Pathak, a candidate of Samajwadi Party from Akbarpur parliamentary constituency, wants to use mode of the farmer to reach the common man.
“A farmer is the foundation of our country.  That’s the reason, I have chosen farmer’s vehicle to campaign. We also belong to agriculture. It has been our main profession,” said Ratnesh.
Residents, however, are happy with the new mode of campaigning, as they believe they can easily relate to the candidate who follows similar lifestyle as theirs.
“Such a campaign is creating a good impact on people because people can  actually relate themselves with the candidate. People feel that their candidate  also belongs to the same lifestyle. They cannot relate to other candidate since they are very high-tech and belong to upper class,” said Mahesh Kumar, a resident.
With elections coming near, candidates are wearing their thinking caps and are adopting creative means to woo the voters across India. (ANI)

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