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Revival of Naini Lake through bio-manipulation technique in Uttarakhand

Nanital, June 4 (ANI): Scientific bio-manipulation technique is being implemented by authorities to revive its ecosystem and restore lost grandeur of the Naini Lake in Uttarakhand.

The main aim of the bio-manipulation project was to revive the indigenous fish species and increase oxygen levels of the lake through aeration process.

Under this project, the population of ‘Gambusia’ fishes were controlled, which was responsible for increasing nitrogen and phosphorous quantity in the lake. That resulted in decreasing the oxygen levels and collection of blue-green algae that harmed lake’s ecosystem.

Up till now, 70 lakh Gambusia fishes have been removed from the lake.

Thousands of Mahashir fishes and Siver Carp were recently introduced in Naini Lake to restore its aquatic life. Around 35,000 Mahashir fish have been released into the lake.

“It can be used in future to restore and improve condition of other such polluted lakes.

This lake project is a big achievement,” said A.P Sharma, Dean Fishery College, G B Pant Technical and Agricultural University and Incharge of Bio-Manipulation Project.

Earlier, the lake was highly polluted as due increasing inflow of urban waste making its way into it. Now steps have been taken to upgrade the sewer lines of the region. (ANI)

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