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Reducing water level in Satluj River

Shimla, May 19 (ANI): Environmentalists have expressed serious concern about the reduction of water level in Sutlej River in Kinnaur valley of Himachal Pradesh.

They are worried that the water level is decreasing, as the hydropower companies are not releasing required water into the river, as per government norms.

They believe that it will also affect water sources and other lift water schemes in the area.

The reduction of water level might lead to degradation of environment in Sangla valley, which is locally known as the ‘mini Switzerland’.

Environmentalists say that this reduction is a huge threat for the water habitat.

“The water was so deep earlier that we feared going near the river. Now instead of water we find tractors moving on the sand. The condition of water animals has worsened. This issue has to be addressed by the project house as well as the Himachal Government and the Ministry of Environment and Forests. If this condition prevails for a longer time, the water habitat might become extinct,” said R.S. Minahs, an environmentalist.

The environmentalists also believe that if the state government does not take any action against these hydropower companies, locals will move the court.

“The dam, which Jaypee Company has constructed according to the norms by the government. They have to release 15 per cent of water from the dam. But these people did not release even two per cent of the water stored in the dam. During winter zero percent of water was released. Due to this, the environment below the dam is affected. We complained to the administration several times but they are yet to take a step,” said Bhishm Singh, a resident of Baspa village.

The reducing water level in Satluj River is a result of less snowfall this year and also the water not being released from the dams. (ANI)

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