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Rare vintage motorbikes displayed in Jaipur

Jaipur, May 26 (ANI): More than 80 rare motorbikes were displayed in Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan.

A ‘Vintage Bike Show’ was organised by the Convoy Bike Riders Club for the first time in the city, which is renowned for its rich cultural and architectural heritages.

Showcasing the best of the bygone era, the show provided a glimpse of the evolution of motorcycle in the last century as bikes as old as 1933 make ‘Parachute Bike.’

“A 1933 make ‘Parachute Bike’ is also participating in the show, which is the oldest bike in the show. This bike was used in military operations. Birju Singh, who is our convoy icon and a retired intelligence officer, is the owner of this bike. Another rare bike is the ‘Indian Aero’, which is owned by Abhijeet Singh, son of V. P. Singh, a lawmaker from Bhilwara. This is also the rarest of all bikes participating in the show,” said Upendra Shastri, the organiser of the Vintage Bike Show.

The bikes were classified into two categories viz. vintage models and classic models. These included BSA 612 cc (1942 model), Hand gear equipped James 1946 model, BSA G 1947 Model, Norman 1951 Model. Almost all models of Royal Enfield were displayed in the show.

Participants were delighted as they got a platform to exhibit their rare mechanical heritages.

“This is 1942 Indian. I think it is one of the rarest bikes not only for this show, but at world level. It is considered as one of the most sought after and rarest bikes. This is the army version and called as the ‘Poni 741’,” said Abhijeet Singh, a participant and proud member of the vintage bike owner’s fraternity.

The old world charm of these vintage beauties was like an everlasting experience, which matures and grows richer with time and becomes part of nostalgia.

The organisers plan to hold more such events in the near future, taking the rally to other cities as well. (ANI)

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