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Rajasthan villagers seek divine intervention to get rain

Jajiwal (Rajasthan, May 23 (ANI):  Acute water scarcity leading to drought like condition and intense heat forced the residents of Jajiwal village in Rajasthan, to perform a fire ritual to please the rain gods shower their bounty on them.
Seers were especially called in to conduct the ritual.

“For last two years the heat here is unbearable. Livestock is dying due to water shortage, people are facing difficulties so we have organised this ritual to please the deities so that we can get rainfall in the region,” said Ram Ratan Giri, a seer.
Firm faith combined with religious rituals, might fulfil the villagers’ desire of getting a good rainfall this year and bring relief in this parched region.

Water scarcity is a widespread problem in India that peaks during the summer season.

Rajasthan being an arid region, it faces acute water shortage as lack of proper rainfall in the state leads to depletion in ground water level and also drying up of rivers and lakes.

According to official data, out of 237 blocks in the state, only 12 had its ground water table exhausted in 1984, but the count rose in 2008, when 164 blocks had ground water table exhausted. (ANI)

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