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‘Qutab Khana’ library in Uttar Pradesh in shambles

Agra, May 29 (ANI): A unique and a precious library housing highly significant literature and manuscripts of medieval period, remains in a shambles due to authorities’ apathy, in Uttar Pradesh.

Maluna Sayeed Ahmed established the library named ‘Qutab Khana’ in the year 1906.

The library, which earlier used to boast of more than one hundred thousand books, today has only 25-30,000 books left.

The library has books from Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and other countries which is a treasure of knowledge for the scholars not only from India but also abroad.

Nasaruddin who teaches in a Madrasa said he visits this library as he gets to read the books, which he can’t find anywhere else.

“Many rare books which we can’t get otherwise including the memories of the kings are available here, but sadly these books are not kept in good state. They are in such dilapidated state that when we touch them their pages begin to tear,” said Nasaruddin.

Haji-Jamil-Ud-Din Qureshi, director of the library complained of the lack of government aid.

“Today, the library is in a shambles and books here are in very bad condition. Earlier, we used to get a grant of Rs. 1250 from the State Government, but this has also stopped,” said Qureshi.

Manuscripts kept here date back more than four hundred years and belong to Mughal era.

The collection consists of home remedy books, memories of emperors and religious books like Quran. (ANI)

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