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Punjab lacks drinking water: Radio Pakistan

Amritsar, May 4 (ANI): Radio Pakistan in its latest programme has stated that Punjab, known for the its five rivers—Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Chenab and the Jhelum (now it Pakistan), is not getting enough water. 

In the latest series of Punjabi Darbar programme, Radio Pakistan has attempted to project that the Government of India has not taken enough steps to ensure that Punjab gets enough water for drinking purposes and irrigation.

A senior Congress leader termed the programme as baseless.  The Government of India, he pointed out, has taken several steps to provide water to the farmers  including the micro irrigation system.

Senior farmers in Punjab point out that during Partition, the irrigated areas went to Pakistan and India had to undertake many schemes to ensure that the dry areas of Indian Punjab secured water.  New irrigation canals were built, and the State became the granary of India.

“The farmers are keen to produce more in the farmers. They have adopted multiple cropping, and they want more water. The Central Government has provided facilities like micro irrigation techniques, sprinkle irrigation and other facilities,” said Sukhjinder Raj Singh Lali, a senior Congress leader.

It has been suggested that broadcasters of the Radio Pakistan should be invited to Punjab to have a look at the progress made by the State.  However, many feel, that the Punjabi Darbar programme will find some other excuse to spread lies about the State. (ANI)

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