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Punjab farmers resort to organic farming

Ferozepur (Punjab), June 6 (ANI): As organic farming becomes a popular the world over, farmers in India are taking to it as well. Farmers in Ferozepur district in Punjab are slowly dumping chemical farming in favour of organic farming.

They believe that this kind of farming not only gives a considerably good produce, but, the nutrients of the soil are also better preserved.These farmers are growing fruits, vegetables, as well as food grains organically and naturally.

Vinod Jayani, a farmer started organic and natural farming almost three and a half years back. He says that he is getting as much as rupees 2000 per quintal for his wheat, whereas the government defined price is rupees 1080.

People, he says, buy his wheat, as the nutrient value is more than the chemically grown variety.

The produce is initially not much, as the soil needs to recover from all the damage done due to years of use of chemicals and fertilizers.

“It has been three and a half years since I started organic farming. I feel very good about it. The first year, the produce of wheat in my farms was 15 quintals as compared to 30 for other farmers. But there were almost no expenses involved in producing those 15 quintals. My produce was completely my own. Unlike other farmers, I did not have to spend on fertilizers, pesticides or anything,” he said.

The farmers are also trying crop rotation, so as to preserve the nutrients in the soil.

“I consider it better than before. If we can use chemicals, the yield is around 30 to 35 quintals. So if the yield is the same by not using chemicals, it is better. It is just initially that the yield may not be good otherwise it only will increase day by day. Whereas in chemical farming, the yield will only decrease eventually,” said Tilak Raj, another farmer.

These farmers are fetching higher prices for their produce, as people are ready to pay more for organically grown fruits, vegetables or other crops.

Organic farming is basically a technique where farming is done without the use of fertilizers or other chemicals. This kind of farming relies on green manure, crop rotation, compost and biological pest control so as to produce chemical free foods. (ANI)

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