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Preserving ‘Morungs’, the traditional bachelors’ pads of Nagas

Kisama (Nagaland), May 20 (ANI): In an effort to preserve ‘Morungs’, the traditional Naga bachelors’ dormitories in Nagaland, various steps have been initiated to promote ‘Morung’ culture.

‘Morung’ has been an integral part of the Naga villages, irrespective of tribe, since time immemorial.

To showcase and enlighten the younger generation about the Naga way of life including the cultural traditions of the bygone era, ‘Morungs’ of 16 different Naga tribes have been replicated at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama.

Through to the efforts of the Kohima-based Cultural Promotion Society, Kohima and a few other voluntary fora, various projects on revival and renovation of ‘Morung’ culture are in progress.

“We want to preserve and renovate these cultural treasures. We believe in preservation of this age-old culture, traditions and artifacts besides taking forward the information associated with these valuable remnants,” said Keneizezo Yiese, President, Cultural Promotion Society, Kohima.

Each of the ‘Morungs’ usually lasts for a decade. At Kisama, a Morung was last set up in 2003 and now it is around seven years old.

The ‘Morungs’ showcase the material that is used to build it up since the days of yore but at the same time, efforts are on to enhance its longevity.

“Our forefathers used to bring the young ones here and narrate valuable experiences of life, things pertaining to warfare, consciousness of tradition and culture, the status of men in village, how to conduct war and also to defend villages,” said Sadikuolie Khezie, a resident.

Ever since the annual Hornbill Festival was planned, the Government of Nagaland has endeavoured to showcase the traditional Naga ‘Morungs’ to the rest of the world. (ANI)

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