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Popularising art and literature in rural areas of Punjab

Bathinda, May 11 (ANI): Having drawn to the world of colours and creativity in early childhood, Amarjit Singh of Bathinda, has since then been passionately popularising Punjab’s vibrant culture and history through art world.

“My aim is not to put up exhibitions in cities, but to educate the people of Malwa region about our culture and traditions, which is fading away. I have taken up works of poets, writers, authors, and dramatists to visualize them and try to paint culture through the scenes of villages, cities and forests,” said Amarjit Singh.

Singh tells that his fascination for paintings started just like it happens to any other person who gets drawn to art in childhood. He would visit any place if there were any painting exhibition being held.

He says it was when he reached standard eight in school that he made up his mind to be an artist. 

“I finally decided to develop my skills from class eight onwards. But due to financial problems I had to drop the idea. I received five years of rigorous training from my maternal uncle Guru Savinder Singh. Now I have my own studio in Bathinda,” said Amarjit Singh, the painter.
Mentioning about the world of painting, Singh says that the profession of painting is not very popular in Punjab, as paintings sold here fetch very low prices.

Singh shares that he has also started painting the scriptures inscribed in the holy Guru Granth Sahib.

“I try to depict the feelings of proverbs on canvas so that people can better understand their meaning. I am trying to paint 100-150 such works so that I can display it in an exhibition. I love this type of religious work, “ Singh added. (ANI)

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