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Paddy sowing begins in Kashmir

Srinagar, June 6 (ANI): Sense of hope and happiness prevails among paddy farmers in Kashmir as they begin sowing paddy saplings, ahead of the Kharif season.

As the farmers work in the fields, they are joined by their family members who sing together as they sow paddy to keep away the drudgery of labour.

“It is a very happy day for us. On this day, all family members come and join us in planting paddy. They bring food and eat together and the whole atmosphere is of joy and hope,” said Mohammad Amin, a farmer.The farmers said they hope to get a good produce this year.”We hope that this time we get good produce. Last year, it was not so good, but we hope it will be good,” added Asif Nazir, another farmer.The harvesting season of paddy starts from the end of September in Kashmir every year.

The kharif crop is usually sown from June and is harvested in the winter months.

The sowing of paddy starts before the arrival of the monsoons in June-July. Most of the traditional crops are photosensitive and thus the sowing time is the most important variable in determining the yield. (ANI)

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