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NHRC secures the release of bonded labourers in Baghpat

New Delhi, June 2 (ANI): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has secured the release of 21 members of three families working as bonded labourers in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat District.

Acting on the two complaints about bonded labourers working in brick kiln companies in the district, a spot investigation team of the Commission along with District Labour Officer, S.D.M. Khekhra and S.D.M. Baghpat conducted an inquiry. 

It was found that the 21 members were shifted from M/s Shiv Shakti Brick Kiln, Fakharpur, Khekhra in District Baghpat to M/s Maavashnavo Brick Field, Village Ghitora, District Ghaziabad by the owner of the company. 

The members of three families told inquiry team that they were paid an advance by a contractor and since then they were being forced to work in lieu of that advance. 

However, when they complained to the brick kiln owners, they were threatened and shifted to M/s Maavashnavo Brick Field, Ghitora. 

The complainants Mohammad and Masoom said that they wanted to go back to their native place. Their families had six adults, one adolescent and four children. 

They all were released on May 20 and sent to their native places with the help of district authorities after providing an interim relief of Rs. 1000/- each to the six adults and one adolescent. 

Each of them was also given a release certificate. 

However,Sakulat, wife of Nafis, said that she and her seven family members were interested in working at the kiln and refused to leave the job. 

In connection with the second complaint, the spot inquiry revealed that 28 out of 39 alleged bonded labourers in M/s Abhishek Brick Field, Sujra Road, District Bhagpat, Uttar Pradesh had already left the kiln on their own. 

The remaining five adults and six adolescents were still working in the kiln.  They claimed that they had no difficulties there and wanted to continue to work in the same kiln. 

The owner of the brick kiln was not present for his comments and the Munshi could not produce records related to payment of wages to the labourers. Action is being taken by the District Labour Officer, Baghpat. (ANI)

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