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Elephant Calf

Elephant Calf

Indeed when Anand Bakshi wrote this soul touching song about an elephant being killed by human beings, and thank god, he is not alive to see what he wrote becoming a stark reality. What a remorse full day it is for the country where an elephant calf has been killed by people in Assam, as he strayed into their fields. What would happen if the herd of elephants does the same to the village where the elephant calf has been killed?

It being a small calf, he could be surrounded and killed; it is the humanity at its worst. Poor calf would have strayed from the herd and as it is so much dependent on his mother, it did not have any other solution but to venture out to search for his mother. The tender age which the calf was shown to have, at this age, it majorly depends upon the mother to feed it, and even otherwise he was not going to destroy the standing crops. Surprisingly enough, nobody, and that means nobody who works for animal conservation has condemned this ghastly act… so far.

It is the crudest form of revenge that has been unleashed on a poor calf who would not know what crime has he committed to meet such a violent death. In the quest for civilization and with ever expanding human frontiers to claim more forest lands, the original and older inhabitants of civilization than the human beings are coming into increasing conflict on a daily basis all over the countryside. Rajaji National Park in Dehradun is one such spot where one day or the other an elephant is run over by the speeding train that rummages through the heart of the park at full speed during the night, a speed, which a pachyderm cannot comprehend and cannot react to, as he has not come into contact with such speed in his process of growing up.

Environmentalists have been attending seminars, publishing research papers and also suggesting measures, but only in the seminar circuits. At the ground level the scenario for the pachyderm is growing from bad to worse, but with each catastrophe of this kind, more seminars would come in the offing while elephants’ numbers would continue to dwindle and the stage may come when we may have to run the campaign to even save them through celebrity endorsements. Do we want this situation to reach such a passé?

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