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Mushroom cultivation attracts women farmers in Assam

Kamrup (Assam), May 27 (ANI): Women farmers in Assam are increasingly getting interested in mushroom cultivation as it fetches them good profits.

High priced Mushrooms are giving good dividend to the cultivators thus motivating others particularly women farmers to begin mushroom cultivation.

Mainly, the farmers grow two mushroom crops. One is oyster mushroom and the other is a button mushroom.

Many self-help groups in the region are encouraging women to come forward for mushroom cultivation.

“We work for a self-help group call ‘Milijuli’. We sometimes harvest four to five kg of mushroom a day. We sell it for Rs.80 per kg, and the dry ones, we sell it for Rs.800 to 900 per kg,” said Deepika Kalita, a farmer.

Villagers are now going for scientific cultivation of mushroom, which is more acceptable in the market.

Even horticulture department is guiding farmers to grow the mushroom crop in a proper way. They believe it is going to be one of the prominent crops in the future.

“We are encouraging farmers particularly women farmers to go in for mushroom cultivation in a massive way. We are supporting them in specific locations and particularly the tribal community. They prefer this crop very much and they know the technology also. They easily take mushroom as it has been one of the items in their food,” said Harshajyoti Barooah, Director Horticulture.

In the markets, there is a high demand for mushrooms due to its culinary,  nutritional, and health benefits. Mushrooms are sold both in dry and raw form.

In India, 55 per cent of the households consume mushroom in their daily diet. The northeast region stands first with 60 per cent of the total consumption.

Mushroom is considered to be a very high protein food. (ANI)

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