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Musharraf accepted India’s view on terrorism emanating from Pakistan

Lahore, July 6 (ANI): India’s insistence that Pakistan deal with anti-India elements emanating from its soil was the reason behind the failure of the Agra Summit, which was later accepted by then President Pervez Musharraf, according to senior journalist Najam Sethi.

Speaking on the ‘Najam Sethi Special’ programme on the Dunya News channel, Sethi contended that India had accepted Kashmir as the major bone of contention between the two countries at the Agra Summit.

He added that India also wanted the inclusion of a mention of Pakistan-based terrorists in the joint declaration, which was to be made at the end of the summit.

Sethi said Musharraf did not accept that and consequently left Agra without a final declaration.

Sethi said that Musharraf had later accepted terrorism as a major issue between Pakistan and India and expressed a commitment in 2002 that “Pakistan would not export terrorism.” (ANI)

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