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Mumbai eve teased girl dies; five months after consuming sleeping pills

Mumbai, July 14 (ANI): A girl in Mumbai has committed suicide after city police failed to take action against those who molested her.

Saujanya Jadhav (24) committed suicide by consuming sleeping pills, after she was molested by some youths who are said to be supporters of a local councillor in the Koparkhane area of Nevi Bombay.

Saujanya went into a coma on February 27after consuming sleeping tablets. She died at the Sion Hospital in central Mumbai.

The family claims that the youths had been harassing Saujanya and her sister Snehal for over six months. Saujanya’s mother Mangal had registered a police complaint twice against the eve teasers. But no police action was taken.

Saujanya’s family also wrote to the Director General of Police, Maharashtra, S.S. Virk, giving details of the case and also named the accused.

Some youths attacked the Jadhav family on May 4.Mangal Jadhav wrote a letter the Maharashtra’s DGP, but to no avail. Police initiated action only after Saujanya’s death. (ANI)

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