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Monsoon break brings respite to farmers

Jalpaiguri/Shimla, July 3 (ANI): After a long dry spell, farmers in different parts of the country finally heaved a sigh of relief as the monsoons arrived.

The onset of monsoons in Jalpaiguri in West Bengal raised hopes for the farmers waiting to sow their crops.

The region received almost 300 mm of rainfall in the past two days. The farmers were worried due to the delay in monsoons.

“I am happy that it has rained finally. The crops are more or less fine. We will start sowing jute. We were very anxious when it did not rain for a long time. We hope there will be a good yield and we can sell our crops in the market,” said Khagendranath Burman, a farmer.

With only 40 per cent of farmland irrigated, most of small farmers rely on the monsoon to water their crops.

The Indian Meteorological Department had mentioned that rainfall received for the month of June has been 45 per cent less than the normal.

In Jalpaiguri, the rain is still below average but enough for the farmers to start sowing.”Average June rainfall in this area is around 650 mm, out of which we have received, in the last two days around 300 mm. Before that, in the last 25 days, we received around 150 mm. So 450 mm rain, we already received. So I think next one or two days, we will get little bit more,” said Subir Sarkar, a meteorologist.

Even in Shimla, the rain showers have brought much needed relief to the farmers. Now, they are ready to sow.

“We will start sowing maize. And amongst vegetables, we are sowing cauliflowers, french beans and tomatoes. It has rained enough for these crops. We have started ploughing our fields and are ready for sowing.” said Swaroop, a farmer.

The monsoon is crucial for summer-sown crops ranging from paddy, soybean, sugarcane and cotton. (ANI)

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