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Massive fire engulfs optical fibre cable factory in UP

Allahabad, May 10 (ANI): A massive fire engulfed an optical fibre cable factory in Naini area of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

The fire broke out at 7.30 a.m. in the Hindustan Cable Limited factory and soon spread causing panic amongst the people.

Around seven fire engines were called in to control the raging fire.

“Fire broke out at around 7.30 in the morning at the Hindustan Cable factory. Fire engines are deployed in dousing the fire,” said Ram Avataar Verma, station
officer, Naini.

Scrap optical fibre worth thousands of rupees was destroyed in the fire. The cause of the fire is still not known.
Last year also, a similar fire broke out at Hindustan Cable factory. (ANI)

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