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Manmohan Singh set to equal Vajpayee’s PM record

New Delhim May 16 (ANI): Manmohan Singh too can! Singh, 76, is set to do a Vajpayee, the feat of becoming Prime Minister for two consecutive terms with the Congress-led UPA emerging ahead in early trends.

The UPA alliance is being projected to get 242-250 seats, just 20-30 short of majority in the lower house of Parliament. In 1999, Vajpayee made a spectacular return to power, becoming the first leader to do so since the 1970s.

As the counting of votes polled in elections progresses, it is clear that Singh is all set to reprise the role of Prime Minister.

The 76-year-old leader has the full support and backing of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and party General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, who have both said that his candidature for the post is “non-negotiable”.

Singh is also set to become the first Congress Prime Minister after Jawaharlal Nehru to serve two consecutive terms in the post. (ANI)

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