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Manmohan Singh promises to tackle recession and terrorism

Jodhpur, Apr 29 (ANI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that only the Congress Party was equipped to tackle recession and terrorism.

“In this time of economic recession, you need a government who has the experience to tackle with such situations. Because of the UPA Government’s policies, recession has not affected India as much as to other countries. Only the Congress Government has the ability and experience to deal with economic recession,” Singh said in a rally here on Tuesday.

Dr. Singh further added that coordination was required between all states of the country and other countries to combat terrorism.

“Coordination is required between all the states of our country and between all other countries of the world to deal with terrorism. Support of international diplomacy is also required to deal with various issues related with terrorism. I believe only the Congress Government can deal with all these matters efficiently,” Singh added.

The Prime Minister also said that it was the Congress Party that stepped up diplomatic pressure to deal with the perpetrators of last year’s Mumbai terror attacks. (ANI)

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