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Lesbian couple thrown out of house in Chandigarh

A lesbian couple in Chandigarh who tied the knot a few days ago will have to start their married life without the help of their families.

Surekha, 23, and Neeru, 24, who got married in Hardwar, were living in Neeru’s home after they had returned on Friday night. On Sunday morning, Neeru’s brother Rohit Kumar asked them to leave.

‘‘My daughter is only 4-year-old and I cannot accept my child to grow up in such an atmosphere,’’ said Kumar, a businessman. Surekha’s father, a government employee, said, ‘‘I have expelled my daughter from the house and will never allow her to return.’’

Emboldened by the first gay marriage that had taken place in Chandigarh, the two girls had eloped on July 21, and resurfaced only on Friday, claiming to have got married.

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