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LaLa Land – Goa !!

LaLa Land – Goa

LaLa Land – Goa

They say that for all the party animals of the world, Las Vegas is nirvana. If this is true, then for such people, Goa is paradise. Goa is one of those rare places left in the world that is full of beauty, and is also famous for its night life. It hits your unsuspecting eyes with its brilliance and scenic beauty – complete with beautiful beaches, lush greenery and palm trees. The ample number of great hotels and guesthouses, accompanied with hotels serving great food makes one feel like they have truly reached a place where they can relax.

The main part of Goa’s charm is not however, the beauty of its shining white beaches, or of the magnificent scenic views from the hills. It is not in the wild parties that one can have, or the inexpensive and delicious food. The secret of Goa’s splendour, which makes it the most favourite holiday spot of a majority of the people, is the freedom. You feel it as soon as you step out of the airport. It hits you like a slow gentle lullaby – like the warmth of a feathery pillow to a tired person. There is something in the air of Goa that makes one start relaxing immediately. Maybe it is the obvious holiday atmosphere of the place. Maybe it is the absence of angry, impatient people wearing formal clothes and running constantly around to reach work, or to reach home. Maybe it is in the utter relaxed attitude of its citizens. Whatever it is – the minute you step into Goa, you feel like you are receiving a warm Japanese massage. All your inhibitions and all your worries just melt away. Even the worst workaholic will think “Ah, let me worry tomorrow” and allow himself to be swept by the beauty of the place

Baga beach is one of the best places in Goa. It has a large number of inexpensive and excellent guesthouses. There are also fancy hotels for those who like their luxury. It has a large number of exciting nightspots – Like Brittos, Mambos, and Cape Town Cafe, which play excellent music and serve great food. Brittos is especially a good place to visit on a Thursday night, where there is an exciting Karaoke for all the music lovers. Even those people who are usually confirmed bathroom singers come out of the closet at Brittos. There are shacks serving excellent sea food as well, where you can sit on one of the easy chairs under a shack, or laze on a hammock under a sun umbrella, and gaze at a sunset on the glorious beach.

Anjuna beach is yet another hotspot at Goa. Here, the white beach and blue waters take your breath away. There is a small hill tucked away in a neat corner, where scenes from the hit movie “Dil Chahata hai” were filmed. From this hill, you will receive a breathtaking view of the entire beach, and the majestic Arabian ocean.

Getting there is really easy. There are trains from almost every state, and there is a very beautiful little airport, from where you will be able to take a taxi or a cab to wherever you plan to stay at. If you go during the off season, the rates will be really low, but you will have to be prepared for the worst in case it rains. The best time to visit is between November and February. You can go sightseeing very easily there, as there are bikes (geared as well as gearless) and cars available for rent at very reasonable rates. While going high on Feni – the famous liquor of Goa, or port wine, do make sure you have a few bites of the seafood in one of the shacks. The Masala chai, especially is a must have for all tea lovers (as well as those suffering the after effects of the infamous Feni).

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