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Kids Dying On The Roads, Parents Blaming Authorities

Unique Identification Project

Unique Identification Project

Newspaper reports that have been appearing from different corners of Punjab contain news items of death of a young life or the other snuffed out on account of accident on the road, and the hapless parents blaming the authorities for rash driving, not looking into their own backyard. After all, for indulging their children they purchase two wheelers for them and allow them to roam around and indulge in speed games, blissfully pushing under the carpet the fact that their wards have still not reached the permissible age to handle an automobile. The peer pressure of the children make the parents give in to the demands of their children and also in a way are responsible for the desperate situation that unfolds in some cases eventually.

This problem is more so acute in small cities than in the bigger cities, as in the bigger cities the police itself is vigilant and the children also as they have to travel quite a lot and keep such a busy schedule that they seldom get the time to hang out with the friends or indulge in road shows through the automobiles.

India is one country where every day in one part of the country or the other a young life is snuffed out on the road crushed under a heavy vehicle, as the child is still not aware about the road manners and the road sense. With driving license easy to come by, even if one license is confiscated it always is a child’s game to get another driving license.

Till date their does not exist a uniform nodal agency that could be vested with the responsibility of issuing the driving license and have a control on the road rage. May be, with the Unique Identification Project being implemented, it also needs to be dovetailed with the licensing system. What is being proposed is that once UID has been implemented all over the country, it be used for issuing the driving license as well. Once the number is put on the driving license and it is impounded or an entry is made into it for a traffic violation, it could become really impossible for the person to get another driving license.

While the proponents of UID may not have thought about this aspect of its usage, if it is built into the driving license system Indian roads would really become a safe place to drive and cruise into. Let’s hope that the government listens

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