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Kashmiri girls learn self-defense techniques

Srinagar, May 18 (ANI): A number of girls in Kashmir are presently drawn to learning martial arts, as they wish to learn self-defense techniques and also be physically fit.

By learning this art, these girls are confident of defending themselves against any anti-social element and also keep themselves fit.

Initially, most of Kashmiri families were reluctant to let their daughters participate in such a manly sporting event. However, on realising the benefits of the martial arts, elders of the families allowed their daughters to go ahead.

One of the training centre is run by Syed Shujat in Srinagar, where over 25 girls from different schools are actively learning Taekwondo.

Syed Shujat says that Taekwondo will gain more popularity if the Sports Council promotes it on a wider scale.

“I appeal to all girls sitting at home to take up this sport which will help them in taking up a career. I want them to take up any sport for that matter. I want them to take up this sport be it indoors or through my club because they get to learn self-defence. I want to send a message to the Sports Council to take interest in Taekwondo,” said Syed Shujat, a Taekwondo trainer, Srinagar.

“By learning this we can move out without any hesitation. Our parents were skeptical to send us out but now by learning Taekwondo we can defend ourselves. Not only boys but girls can also perform this. I appeal to all girls to take up this sport,” said Tanzeela, a Taekwondo trainee, Srinagar.

Many parents have encouraged their girls to learn different types of sports  and participate in competitions, not merely for fun but as an alternate career option. (ANI)

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