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Kashmir: A Viewpoint

Glimpse of Kashmir

Glimpse of Kashmir

History has always being considered as an teacher, people have often said one should learn from the mistakes which they make. However, India as a nation has done various mistakes, these blunders were responsible for molding the modern day Indian scenario. If the government and India’s citizens united would have taken proper decisions and actions during these demanding times then India wouldn’t have been haunted by these ghosts from the past. Here is presented a viewpoint of one of India’s biggest blunder “the approach towards Kashmir issue.”

Kashmir Issue

The news in limelight presently is the uncomforting curfews and protests taking place in the Kashmir Valley, “Heaven on Earth”. Just a couple of days back media was flooded with the news regarding the failure of the Abdullah government and its aftereffects. However India has to realize all this doing is its own production.

Right up to the moment when India and Pakistan became independent, the last British viceroy Louis Mountbatten was undecided which country Kashmir should be part of.

Finally it was the choice of the Hindu Maharajah that his largely Muslim state should join India. The decision precipitated a virtual state of war between two countries and a bitter territorial dispute that persists to this day.

Hari Singh was the reigning monarch of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947. He was vacillating when tribal marauders invaded Kashmir in October 1947, duly backed by the Pakistan army. Unable to counter them, Hari Singh appealed to India for assistance and agreed to accede to India. Indian forces blunted the invasion and re-conquered vast areas. When on the verge of evicting all invaders and recapturing the complete state, India halted operations on 1 January 1949 and appealed to the Security Council. It is the only case in known history wherein a country, when on the threshold of complete victory, has voluntarily forsaken it in the hope of winning admiration of the world community. These actions cost India dearly, because it left many questions unanswered and even the actual LOC was not determined accurately as a result of which around 70% of our entire army is stationed at the border with Pakistan putting other areas at risk.

The private media in India also need to display some level of maturity and stop behaving like convention conformists and prove themselves as true and just institutions of democracy. The debates at prominent news channels with famous anchors need to be balanced with statistics. Many people in India often raise questions on the existence of Kashmir as a separate nation. The answer lies in the fact that Kashmir if restored in its original position is much bigger in geography and population than many of the existing countries of the world and has much more natural avenues to exploit. Forty percent area of the state continues to be under Pakistan’s control, providing it a strategic land route to China through the Karakoram ranges. Also giving away the Haji Pir Pass to Pakistan cost India dearly, giving them an infiltration route to India. Many reasons are responsible for the present situation of Kashmir’s citizens, but we all need to understand the dynamics of the situation here.

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