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Jumbos facing acute water crisis in Rajasthan

Amer (Rajasthan), June 8 (ANI): As Rajasthan reels under acute water crisis, the jumbos used to ferry visitors at the Amer fort, are also feeling the pinch of water shortage.

It is not only human beings who are facing severe water crisis in Amer village but elephants are also victims.

Most of the water bodies have totally dried up which are resulting acute water shortage for the elephants.

Owners of more than 100 elephants are facing tough time to meet the water requirement of the elephants.

Mawtha, the pond at the bottom of the fort, is dried up which causes a tough situation for the elephants.

“Elephants require 400 t0 500 litres of water per day for consumption. Since water has dried up with no rains, it is very difficult for the elephants as well as the elephant owners,” said Shyam Gupta, secretary of the Elephant Owners Association.

Madhulal, a veterinary doctor said that in the absence of proper water supply, these animals might face various types of physical and psychological problems.

“There will be so many problems if there is lack of water. Their skin will be affected. Fortunately, there is a bore well system in Jaipur,” said Madhulal, a veterinary doctor.

So far elephants are provided water through tankers.

Meanwhile, elephant owners are asking the government to supply sufficient water to protect their elephants. (ANI)

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