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Jharkhand has instrument to detect lightning

Ranchi, June 2 (ANI): In order to reduce number of increasing accidents caused by lightning, the weather department of the Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) has installed a lightning detecting instrument at several places in Ranchi.

Lightning and thunder have always been a cause of concern in rainy season, especially in Jharkhand dotted with hills and forest.

The lightning instrument called ‘LD-250’, imported from Canada, has been installed at six places in the state, having central and monitoring system in the BAU itself.

“Wherever the instrument is installed, it can capture lightning around 300 km with the help of its sensors. It also has direction finding device. The exact location and time of the lightening can be identified through this instrument. Also, the duration, severity and frequency of the lightning are recorded in the computer,” said A. Baddud, scientist, BAU weather department.

For past a few years, lightning has caused many deaths in Jharkhand. In 2007- 2008, around 195 people lost their lives in Jharkhand and 249 were injured due to lightening.Viewing its gravity, the government took initiative and handed over three-year project to weather department of the BAU.

With the help of the instrument, the researchers are now able to mark danger zones of lightning in the region.

Identification of danger zones will help researchers take preventive measures by installing conductors on buildings like schools and panchayat bhavans.

Experts believe, this will reduce causalities by 50 per cent. (ANI)

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