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Investment friendly car created for common people

Bangalore, June 8 (ANI): An owner of a mechanical workshop in Bangalore has created a small car, which needs less space to park.

Narsimha Raju, 48, created the two-seater car to replace the two wheelers moving on the roads within the same budget.

The small car almost resembling a helmet, weighs somewhere around 150 kilogram and has a four stroke petrol engine of 175 cc. The car covers 35 kilometre per litre with the highest speed of 80 kilometre.

The owner of the car said that the lack of space for the vehicles on roads and parking areas encouraged him to create the car.

“To make this car, the main inspiration was the problem of our society. We don’t get proper space to park our cars or even proper space to move on the roads. I thought why should I not do a compact car, which is suitable to everyday, cost wise and space wise. And that was the inspiration,” said Raju.

The most striking feature of the two-seater car is it’s upward opening doors which not only saves space, but also gives protection from sun and rain.

Raju feels that in this period of recession when ordinary people are scared of making any investments, the new small car created by him could be tempting.

“The car is mainly suitable to an ordinary person who can afford a two wheeler. When one can have a vehicle for 80,000- 85,000 rupees, those people can have this kind of car with complete safety because there is no problem from rain, sun and wind. It has all protections,” Raju added.

Easy to maintain, Raju has now applied for the approval of the car by the Pune Government and local Road Transport Office.

Once it gets the approval, the car can be owned for mere rupees 80,000. (ANI)

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