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Innovative Ecofriendly Initiatives

Kerala - God's own country

Kerala - God's own country

Mud houses…….Yes the innovative Kerala Government has sanctioned the construction of mud houses. It is expected that the mud houses would enhance the tourists to get a more closer look at kerala. The experience is sounding traditional? In order to get the tourists to experience Kerala to the maximum hilt the Government has planned to have cooks to get the tourists to taste the delicacies of God’s own country with all its flavor.

Kerala is known for its natural beauty with its backwaters and beaches….. Ayurvedic treatments are known to be the magnets behind health tourism of Kerala. The land which has 100% literacy rate, and is described as “God’s Own Country” has done a lot to see that the tourists are treated well and this mud house is sure to take the state a step ahead.

“Athithi Devo Bhava”…. is a saying which has to be followed or else it would not bring back tourists. Kerala has always tried to attract tourists and showcased its traditions on various platforms. The rich culture of Kerala is preserved and passed on and ushers in lots of glory to the state.

Kudos to the Governemnt for its initiation of an Eco friendly and low cost project which is unique and really exciting.

The Government of Kerala has awarded students for planting saplings and initiated a lot of Eco friendly schemes keeping in mind the dangers of climate change.When Government takes initiative and hands over awards it generates awareness among citizens who try to take precautions like banning use of plastic, planting trees, preventing wastage of energy etc..

Another interesting scheme of the Kerala Government is the Gosuraksha scheme which helps farmers insure their cattle from foot and mouth disease etc…

The initiatives of the Kerala Government taken in lieu of protecting the Environment are commendable and for prevention of climate change every Government must thus come forward with various schemes like providing concessions for energy saving projects, Use of alternative energy products etc… Awareness among general public and various schemes by the government will go a long way in acting as catalysts in preventing Environment disasters like “Global Warming”.

The rising level of awareness is indicated by the huge number of voices heard in the recent oil spillage caused by a BP ship. An aware citizen is the need of the hour. The formulation of various policies for protection of environment is a step towards the solution not the solution in itself. Implementation of the laws and Legal action if the laws are not implemented are the wings necessary for Environment protection to take off on a large scale. The protection of environment is the immediate necessity not a request.

“Lets save the environment for our own survival…!!”

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