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Innovative apparel designs by Sikkim women

Gangtok, May 20 (ANI): Banking on their creative traits, women of Sikkim have emerged in the forefront of apparel designing.

The credit for this could be attributed to the Directorate of Handloom and Handicraft of Sikkim for setting up an Apparel Training and Design Centre (ATDC) where young girls and women undergo extensive training in fashion designing.

The main aim of the training programme conducted by this institute is to upgrade the artistic designers in the garment industry.

Apart from basic skills, the students are taught and given exposure to the apparel manufacturing technology, textile design, knitting garments, embroidery, fashion sampling, patterns and cutting, ornamental creations, sewing machine operation and apparel merchandising among others.

Although this training programme is open for both men and women, it is the eves who have been more enterprising and coming forth to learn and master various aspects of apparel designing.

” I was interested in the fashion designing world. I was waiting for this kind of opportunity,” said Ashwina Lama, a trainee.

Apart from imparting the art of apparel design, the Directorate of Handloom and Handicraft has also set up an apparel unit solely for women at the ATDC.

“By this training we would like to give them employment opportunities not only within the state but outside the state also. Especially, you must have now come to know that placement is guaranteed in this training programme. So, it is not necessary for our young girls and boys after completing this training programme to go and join garment industry available in the other states but now they can start their own unit,” said Namrata Thapa, Director of Handloom & Handicrafts, Sikkim and Director, ATDC.

The women who have ‘graduated’ from ATDC have several vocational options like making uniforms for police, army and different other professions.

Apparel industry in India plays a significant role related to the textile industry. The fashion designing as a profession is maintaining its pace with the new trends and allied techniques. (ANI)

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