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Indian Army says its computer system is secure

With China-based hacker groups increasing their attacks on computer networks across the globe, Army on Monday said its information systems were “secure” and could not be “tampered” with.

“We have put in place a very secure network and I can confidently say that it cannot be tampered with,” Army’s Signal Officer-in-Chief Lieutenant General P Mohapatra told reporters here.

Talking about the security features of the armed forces’ network, he said, “Its exclusive, there are various cryptographic controls that we have put in place and there are training activities to ensure that no loss of information takes place.”

Mohapatra’s statement came in the wake of New York-based media reports that a vast cyber spy network controlled from China has hacked into nearly 1,300 government and private computers across 103 countries, including those of Indian embassy in Washington and the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

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  1. I wonder if the Chief Signal’s office in the Army is a computer savvy person himself. Any network is penetrable if not from external threats then from within its own users. The only way to secure a computer is to get it off the network. I have to agree with attacks from China though, it is a formidable power using the cyber army to exploit and engage a far more superior army. With this in mind, even President Obama has made changes to its governments IT policies, and appointed a new CTO ( aka a Cyber Czar who is also of an Indian origin) but so far it has not done anything, just a few days back I wrote an article on how US Army servers were penetrated by Anti American hackers, if you are interested, you can read my article at and

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