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In The Name Of Culture

Indian Culture

Indian Culture

India has always been known for its’  plurality in culture, religion, ethnicity and thought and the co-existence between all of them in peaceful environment makes India what it is today. But some forces over the years have tried to portray themselves as the so-called “custodians of our culture” and have resorted to violent means to protect it all in the name culture.

Whether in the case of Mangalore Pub attacks on young girls or threats by various sects on Valentine’s Day each year or uproar over the comments of south actress Khushboo, it has become a norm for various groups in our country to oppose every progressive  idea or development in the country. This seems to be a dangerous trend where each time when someone tries to be different or just choose to do something is his/her own they would be obstructed by some group as according to them it would corrupt their religion and would be disastrous for our culture. Adding to that they would directly resort to violence without defining what they are actually trying to defend and who gave them the authority to do so. And most often than not this violence is directed towards women or young people.

Though these groups are never interested in the preserving our culture, values and morals but by using force they just want to harass some people and gain their moments of publicity to popularize their groups which have vested interests .Not only this by resorting to violence, or by humiliating others or harassing them in the name of culture conservation goes against the Indian culture which has always believed in principles of non-violence and respect for others’ point of view.

Not only this after each such event which does not confirm to their core ideologies they take law into their own hands which is completely unacceptable in a civil society and matters can be sorted out on through other peaceful  and constitutional ways. Also this kind of violence and threats infringes into people’s freedom of expression and right to life. They also pose a serious threat to law and order situation out of petty issues, sometimes even disrupt normal functioning of a city and damaging public property as well.

As these forces are really interested in preserving Indian culture and want to protect it from all evil ideas then they should look into real issues that plague our society today and bring a blot on culture. They should rage war against issues that need real attention and urgent resolution such as child labor, child marriage, killing of girl child and many others. They should shun violence completely as there is no place for it in a democracy and even if they want to raise their voice against something then they should do it in a democratic manner and resolve issue through debate and discussion. Instead of trying to become custodians of our culture they should try and become goodwill ambassadors of culture spreading core values such peaceful co-existence, harmony, universal brotherhood and tolerance for all religions and its openness towards refreshing and progressive ideas.

About Surbhi Tandon

I am a second year Journalism student from Delhi University. I am passionate about current affairs and love to read newspapers and magazines to keep myself updated with the world affairs. My latest interest is in the field of developmental and rural reporting. I only write about issues which are close to my heart and genuinely feel about them. I am a sports – enthusiast and a cricket crazy person plus I am volunteering for CWG 2010. As a person I am extremely positive and believe in “Never doubt that that a handful of committed and thoughtful citizens can change the world”.

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