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IISc is India’s No. 1 technology institute

IISc has been ranked the number one engineering/technology institute among top 67 science institutes in the country. IIT-Kanpur comes in at second place, followed by IIT-Bombay, IIT-Kharagpur and Delhi at third, fourth and fifth position respectively.

The ranking, published in the Current Science, has been done by scholars Gangan Prathap and B M Gupta of the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources and National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi.

The other institutes within top 10 include Jadavpur University ranked 6, IIT-Madras 7, IIT-Roorkee 8, Anna University 9 and IIT-Guwahati ranked 10.

The ranking has been done on basis of publications and citations and research record available between 1999 and 2008 in the Scopus International multi-disciplinary, bibliographical database.

The data shows IISc leading every other science institute in the country on publications and citations.

The scholars have said the top 67 engineering institutes have done better than the university sector as a whole in the 10-year period — 75,166 papers vs 59,685 papers.

Their research has also shown that by number and performance (quality and quantity combined), IISc and IITs taken as a group lead other groups — University and Deemed University, Select Engineering Colleges, NITs/ RECs and IIITs. The IIITs are ranked last as a group for their low publications and citations.

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