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IAF AWACS to arrive in India on May 25

New Delhi, May 22 (ANI): The first Indian Air Force AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) will arrive in India on May 25.

The AWACS are set to alter the dimension of the see-through capability of the IAF beyond conventional visions of ground-based and tethered electromagnetic sensors.
On its maiden flight from Israel to India, the AWACS will land first at Jamnagar, Gujarat and arrive at Palam Airport,New Delhi on May 26.

The AWACS is an airborne mission support system fitted on an IL-76 aircraft with improved engines. With radar that can help detect even a cruise missile or an aircraft at ranges far more than the ranges detected through the present ground-based radars, the AWACS radar, most sophisticated to date, can collate surface information about troop movements and missile launches even while listening to highly confidential communications between enemy frontline units.

Air combats the world over are now envisaged in an ever-increasing electronic surveillance environment where pilots have little liberties for individual manouevring without endangering their own lives or safety of their aircraft.

The IAF AWACS will help pilots find hitherto unconceivable space and room for tactical manouevres in the air under controlled directions that will give them an edge over their adversaries at all times.

AWACS, a potent force-multiplier, will significantly enhance the effectiveness of both – offensive and defensive operations.

The intensity and pace of modern air battle need AWACS for a successful air defence umbrella to be maintained. The swift mobility that the AWACS platform provides will help neutralize any threat as it can be moved anywhere at a very short notice. (ANI)

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