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How Long Can We Ignore Water Scarcity In India?

Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity

Another scorching, dry summer has just gone by, and all of us are heaving great sighs of relief all over the country, as the rains wash over the dry and parched land. Again, people are worried about floods. In cities like Mumbai, flooding has once again started becoming the bane of the citizen’s lives, and yet again, the government is proving itself to be completely unprepared.

But let us go back to the memory of summer. Summer was not juts hotter than last year for most of us. It was dryer too. The water scarcity problems in most parts of the country have reached grave levels. In most cities, even after drilling the earth through more than 1000 metres, people have not been able to retrieve any water. Everybody, in almost all parts of the country have to rely on water tankers. Some people in major cities have even thrown up all caution in the air, and have used the services of private water tankers. But yet, in spite of facing all these troubles, now that the rains have come, hardly do we see any action being taken to preserve the rain water, so that we can be prepared for the Summer of 2011.

Let us consider the dynamics of ground water. Unlike what most people think, ground water isn’t sedentary. The earth’s crust is not a fixed mound that never changes or moves. Like the winds above us, there are turbulences beneath us too, deep in the earth’s crust. The rocks change their shape as the temperatures inside the earth and outside its surface vary, and due to the resulting change in pressure, the rocks move. As and when rocks below the earth’s surface move, the topology changes. Thus, ground water moves too.

But what is really causing the ground water to move? The turbulences are caused mainly because of the green house effect. Surprisingly, climate change has a huge role to play. As the temperature above the earth’s crust increases, the equations change. The earth adjusts itself to fit in the new conditions. If only we were more careful, and did not mess around with mother nature so much, the earth would not have to readjust itself so often, and in such drastic ways.

Thus, it is our responsibility to make sure that our summers are not so terrible. Simply blaming the government for everything is not a solution. As citizens, and as being residents of the earth, we too have a responsibility. We should all rise to the occasion, and take environment preservation very seriously. All of us must take initiatives towards rain water preservation. It is very simple, and not very costly. All it requires is the will, and a little effort. Also, each of us must make it a point to plant and take care of, at least 1 tree every six months. People living in societies and in apartments could all join hands together and plan out these activities. Also, on an individual level, we could contribute by avoiding wastage of water. If you see an open tap anywhere, do repair it. Don’t waste water on illogical activities, like washing the ground in front of your house for instance. Water is a precious resource – much more important than money. Preserve it, respect it and save it.

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