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Heat wave hits wildlife in Jammu

Jasrota, Kathua, July 1 (ANI): Acute water shortage in Jammu has led to death of a number of animals in and around the Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary.

The natural water reserves have all dried up due to the heat wave and the authorities have been unable to arrange drinking water for the zoo inmates.

Due to the lack of drinking water, many animals and birds have been found dead in the sanctuary.

Thirsty animals are now being found roaming in the populated areas around the sanctuary.

The villagers have launched a campaign to save the wildlife by providing drinking water to them.

“We saw that for the past few days many animals were found dead due to the lack of water. So, we have started a movement to save them. We will fill all the dried ponds situated outside the sanctuary so that they can drink the water,” said Amit Kumar, a villager.

The residents from the villages of Kathua district showed their love for the thirsty animals and took initiative to protect them from heat and shortage of water.

“There are thousands of animals in this sanctuary but there is hardly any arrangement of drinking water for them inside the sanctuary. Thus most of them are turning towards the villages. We villagers have started keeping water in pots outside our homes,” said Varinder Kumar, another villager.

The animals are now being adopted by the villagers, who serve them food and water for survival. (ANI)

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