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Heat hits peacocks in Madhya Pradesh

Dohra (Madhya Pradesh), Apr 16 (ANI): Sudden rise in the temperature and scarcity of water have left hundreds of peacock dead in the rural region of Morena district in Madhya Pradesh.

Reportedly, around 500 of these graceful birds have been found dead and lying in the vicinity of villages and the skirting forest lands.

In a village named Dohra alone, hundreds of peacocks were found dead due to excess heat in the past couple of days.

A common sight near the tube wells in the village was these dead birds and probably these had forayed in search of water to quench their thirst.

Many of the villagers were of the view that apart from lack of drinking water, it was dearth of timely medical care that would have led to the death of these birds.

“Due to scarcity of water, around 500-600 peacocks have died. While others have died due to various diseases. We collected around 50-60 dead peacocks and few were taken by the forest rangers to conduct the post mortem. Lack of proper medical facilities is another major cause of their death,” said Sriram Sakia, a resident.

However, when questioned on the exact cause of the death of the birds, N Luikham, District Forest Officer (DFO), Morena Range said that they had collected the carcasses of few peacocks and once the post mortem results are received, only then they will be able to ascertain the actual reasons.

“The reason behind the death of the peacocks is not yet known. But we have sent the bodies of few dead peacocks for post mortem and once the report comes then we will be able to tell the exact cause of the death. However, it’s being speculated that the peacocks could have died due to excess heat and sudden rise in the temperature,” said N Luikham.

The forest officer further said that certain collective efforts would be taken up to end the water problem of the village and also facilitate ample water for the birds and other animals. (ANI)

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