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Global warming takes its toll on mango production in Gujarat

Rajkot, May 14(ANI): The production of world famous kesar mango has been reduced this year in Gujarat due to global warming effects.

Just five years ago, Talala market yard, one of the largest wholesale mango markets in India, was full of mango boxes.

Over three million boxes of 10 kilograms each used to come to the markets a month. But this figure has come down to five to seven hundred thousand for the last two years. This year too, the picture is not rosy.

Kesar mangos are exported to the Gulf, Pakistan, South Asian countries and the United States where it was allowed only last year.

Chhagan Bhai Patel, Vice President of the Talala Market Yard, said that there was a drop of 30 per cent this year and there are not enough mangos for export.

“We don’t have mangos for export due to the poor mango crop this year. You go to any state of India, the production of mangos is low,” said Patel.

Gordhan Bhai, a mango trader, attributed this short fall to the climatic conditions.

“Once upon a time Talala Gir kesar mangos were being exported across the world. The production has decreased. So, we are getting good price. This is due to the climatic conditions here,” said Bhai.

Kesar trees require cool temperature at night with warm sunlight during daytime for mango fruits to grow. (ANI)

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