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Last year the ball was set in motion to change the way we work. This new portal aims at capturing a previously unharnessed segment of the Indian workforce- the professional Indian women who can’t do the 9-5. is the only Indian portal that connects stay-at-home women professionals with organisations, to execute flexible, project based work. Studies reveal that India has the highest population of professional stay-at-home moms, yet the potential of this population is only just beginnning to get tapped.

Gharkamai provides women professionals, who wish to maintain a work–life balance, the ability to keep their skills current. Women get to spend quality time with their family, while pursuing a whole new avenue of project based work. Many project vacancies that are listed in Gharkamai are work-from-home projects which require minimal onsite presence. They have short term projects, flexi-hour projects, and on or off site projects, enabling women professionals to choose how they can best strike their own work-life balance. Reflecting this working method, today the site is managed by three professional women who work remotely, in Jamshedpur, Delhi and London.

Gharkamai is helping more and more women professionals unleash their talents with a vast spectrum of startups, NGOs and businesses who recognise the value of making the best possible use of this workforce.  A stay-at-home mum, turned virtual worker Anika Puri, says, “I never knew I would be able to spend my time so effectively. Gharkamai has boosted my confidence level”. This new initiative has attracted more and more professionals to join Gharkamai on a day-by-day basis. In July alone, 50 new professionals joined Gharkamai! Another professional Piya Kocchar was also excited about Gharkamai, “I already got a call from one of the places I applied to, and am meeting with them tomorrow. This is great!”

Employers using the services of are also pleased as this is a cost effective and higher quality option of having work done. Gharkamai has enabled many businesses like Mahindra Retail Ltd, Bharti Axa, Aviva Life, Grassroots India, Ivycomm Systems, and many more to explore the power of female workforce. Employers prefer to post their projects at gharkamai, since the professionals registered at gharkamai are ready to start immediately and have an urge to prove themselves.”We get great response for our projects posted at gharkamai. And the website is quite easy to use.”, says chief HR executive from Perennial Jobs. “I liked the website for taking the initiative to help women” says Vikram Kamboj of Softleo Technologies. Ramarao Vch, who runs a startup in Hyderabad, congratulates the team saying,”You guys are doing a great job!”.

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