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German national who became Hindu monk

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh), May 14 (ANI): A German national who converted himself to become a Hindu and even abdicated social life to become a monk has been propagating tenets of Indian ethos at Aydodhya for over three decades.

In 1989, the converted German national whose name today is Swami Fanindranand was proclaimed as the head of a hermitage named Sri Narayan Ashram, located in Ayodhya.

This Ashram (hermitage) was set up by Swami Sanakananda Giri Mahanta in 1944 with an objective to help the society in developing consciousness as an essential part of life.

It was in 1974 that Franz Josets Ruster, a German tourist evincing immense interest in Indology came in contact with Swami Sanakananda Giri Maharaj and became very much attached to him.

Two years later Swami Sanakananda Giri Maharaj breathed his last and since then Swami Fanindranand has been visiting India every year and devoting nearly six months to the work of the Ashram.

The tasks include teaching students, helping poor children and propagating and promoting the verses of Holi Gita.

He has dedicated himself towards this mission despite not being successful in obtaining Indian citizenship.

“Residential visa was refused to me by Central government. That’s why I visit India every year for six months. In 1983, I started some social work in Germany. Since then I have voluntarily committed and now dedicated to stay whole life in Ayodhya to look for my Guru (mentor) Archana (spiritual service) especially for his mission named Sanatan Dharma Kendra Mission,” he said.

Before becoming a monk, he was a civil engineer. He also studied philosophy at the Berlin University. (ANI)

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