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Former President Kalam stresses need for self-reliance in energy

Ahmedabad, May 28 (ANI): Former President APJ Abdul Kalam called for possible solutions to provide energy independence since there has been continuous depletion of fossil-material derived oil, gas and coal reserves.

He was addressing the convocation of the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University here on Wednesday.

He wanted the graduates to work for creating a research base that could form an important partnership in the world energy platform in energy.

He said: “You have the opportunity to play the role of system energy and system management in energy independence.”

Dr. Kalam said that energy independence has got to be achieved through three different sources namely renewable energy – solar, wind apart from hydro power -, electrical power from nuclear energy and bio-fuel for the transportation sector.

Present on the occasion was Gujarat Chief Narendra Modi, who laid stress on building an organisation involving countries taking stride in solar power generation policy which could spur a revolution in power generation.

“Why can’t India take initiative and create an organisation of solar powered countries. Every country benefits from solar power. These countries can come together and prepare a corpus fund and make new avenues. This would give cheap and easy facilities for people to benefit from solar power. I believe that day wouldn’t be far when India will lead these solar powered countries,” said Modi.

To promote green and clean power in the state, the Gujarat Government is giving a thrust to solar power generation for which it is extending a slew of incentives to prospective developers setting up solar power projects. (ANI)

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