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Floriculture getting popular among Mizoram farmers

Aizawl, July 6 (ANI): With the floriculture exports from Mizoram on the increase, more and more farmers in the state are gradually taking to flower cultivation.

Flower exports of Anthurium from Mizoram to several cities in India and abroad is immensely getting popular.

“We have a collection centre here. Everyday farmers give the flowers here. Then, we export it to Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore. From last year, we have started exporting it to Japan market also, ” said Jacob Guite, an exporter.

Weekly export to Japan stands at two thousand Anthurium flowers and there is increasing demand from other countries as well.

More farmers have now switched over from agriculture based cultivation to Anthuriun flower production, as it is a lucrative option for small farmers in the state.

The flowers are grown along hill slopes under shade-houses with the latest Dutch varieties and modern irrigation systems.

The technology, shade-houses, suckers have been made available to the farmers by the Mizoram Horticulture Department under the Technology Mission of the Government of India.

“Now, we have more than 300 farmers. Now, we are in the horticulture centre. Here, we have a training centre. We give training to the farmers as well as to those from outside state,” said R. Lalrintluanga, a horticulture officer.

The state Horticulture Department and exporters are encouraging farmers by giving regular training for getting a more in-depth knowledge about the field, free fertilizer, seeds and pesticides.

About 300 to 400 people are involved in flower cultivation.

As of now there are 500 greenhouses in and around capital Aizawl and many more are coming up. (ANI)

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